Friday, April 17, 2009

The Skills: Plans and Training

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Information

Take a look at the article "Take CERT Training to be Truly Prepared" if you are on the fence about signing up. No matter what month it happens to be that you are looking at this, there are always CERT classes being held. The Unified Fire Authority has a site with class schedules, a sign up form and good information about CERT. If you are not in the Salt Lake Valley, check into your city's website for local training.

As information becomes available, you will find information here about any local mock disasters in which you may participate.

"If CERT training is not for you, then consider taking a class to learn to cook for a crowd, or get your ham radio license or take that CPR class. You could volunteer to organize a school or workplace phone tree, or volunteer to help with a ward emergency plan. Whatever you choose to do, learn a new skill and do something."

This month's goals include reviewing your individual family plans-- or making them. Make sure everyone knows where you will meet in the case of a fire, earthquake, flood, etc-- and household evacuation plans. Make sure your child care givers are aware of your plans for meeting if such a disasster should happen while you are working or away. Consider alternative modes for communication, such as; long distance calling cards, mobile radios and band radios. To learn more about these options read the article "Prepare to Communicate".